MRI Info

Siemens Magnetom Espree Open MRI Unit

What Is MRI (Magnet Resonance Imaging)?

MRI utilizes a completely safe magnetic field and sophisticated computers to produce exceptional quality images of any body part in any desired direction. The result is an unsurpassed diagnostic picture” of the area your doctor needs to see. There is no radiation, no pain and no known side effects.

Our new High Field MRI unit is designed to provide highly detailed soft tissue studies in a fraction of the time of traditional MRI units. This unit is also ideal for patients with issues that prevent them from remaining still.

Our GE Open Speed Unit

Our new Open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) System is designed for patient comfort, unlike the narrow, whole body scanning tunnel. Our MRI scanner is open on all four sides; that’s a major advantage for large people who find a tunnel too confining, for children who might become frightened inside a tunnel, and for anyone with a touch of claustrophobia.